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Sample Requirements and Policies

Sample Requirements - Sample Quality (contaminants and clogs)

To ensure the highest possible quality all users are strongly advised to consult BRFAA Mass Cytometry- CyTOF lab operators prior to preparing samples for processing and CyTOF run!

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It is absolutely essential the samples to be processed in the Helios instrument to be of the highest quality possible. Operators will determine the environmental contaminants (usually Ba, Iodine, Lead that a batch of samples may contain to ensure quality of data and instrument/detector long term performance. If a certain sample or a batch of samples contain high amounts of contaminants operators reserve the right to determine whether these will be able to run.

In addition if a sample or a batch of a sample clogs the instrument, operators will work to run the sample by re-filtering and/or diluting the sample in question a maximum of 3 times to run the sample without clogging. Clogging increases the time required to process samples as troubleshooting has to be performed in order to verify where the clog is located (probe/sample line, nebulizer etc). If the clogging is persistent the sample will have to be stored overnight or kept frozen until the issue resolves. The operators reserve the right to determine whether or not a sample is able to run.

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Having trouble to understand sample requirements and policies of our lab? Contact us, we will be happy to explain. 

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