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Pre-validated standard panels from Fluidigm can be used to tailor a wide variety of phenotyping covering immune-oncology, hematopoietic/stem cells, intracellular cytokines, cell cycle and many more.

Alternatively, BRFAA CyTOF lab operators can assist in the design (using the Maxpar Panel Designer) and validation of custom panels and protocols tailored to specific phenotyping need based on antibody availability. Currently, Fluidigm offer a catalog of >600 primary antibodies for human and mouse antigens (Surface, signaling, transcription, cytokine, cell cycle, proliferation, apoptosis, structure, cytoskeleton and enzyme antibodies). Other companies also offer CyTOF ready antibodies (click resources here). Then, cells are stained in suspension with probes conjugated to elemental isotopes using validated protocols common to traditional flow cytometry.  The data is then analyzed in third party software, including fcs-compatible software such as flowjo or cytobank, or other high dimensional analysis software packages such as pathsetter.  

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