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1. Metals

Over 50 heavy metal isotope tags (high purity isotopes with minimal background from signal overlap) can be used to simultaneously measure multiple targets. Any antibody can easily be labeled with any of the metal tags available. DNA intercalators and viability dye are also available, as well as pre-conjugated antibodies.


2. Panels

Pre-validated panels from Fluidigm offer metal-tagged antibodies for specific protein targets that are used to build high dimensional proteomic panels for profiling human and mouse systems. Alternatively custom panels can be designed to suit specific experimental questions. Contact us for panel design!



With Helios instrument and time-of-flight (TOF) technology detection of isotope tags as discrete bands happens at 1 AMU resolution with minimal signal overlap.


Helios instrument has 135 discrete channels that span the mass range of 75-214 AMU, enough to measure all of our existing tags as well as additional tags developed in the future.


5.Millions of cells

Helios instrument collects multi-parametric data for large numbers of cells per sample, enabling proteomic profiling of many cell types in a single tube.

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